Home Keeping

Fun in the Kitchen


As mother and housewife there are many strenuous moments, but it is all easier to bear when you love what you do.
The day goes by very fast every day and the experiences with my children do not allow any boredom.
I enjoy being able to spend my time with the baby, which I know from the first child how fast this time can pass.
My little daughter always steers me from my activities and draws my attention, but that does not make it I have time.
No one can understand so well the needs of a child as a mother, no one is ever so ready to meet those needs as she. And, therefore, to none but a mother, under ordinary circumstances, should the entire charge of a child be committed. 
How many of the infant’s cries will be unattended to, which would at once have made their way to the heart of a mother! And, therefore, how many of the child’s needs will in consequence remain uncared for !
God bless all Women and motherhood !!
Thanks for reading
Hugs 🤗 🤗

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