My Jogger Pant


There are so many fashion trends that are beautiful but far too uncomfortable to wear in everyday life, Jogger pants are basically socially acceptable pajamas, so I’m obviously in full support of this hot fall trend! It’s easy to dress up the relaxed fit of jogger pants with the right pair of statement shoes, fun accessories, and a great top.

Joggers can be any material, but what you’ll find most often is a thick knit, silk, or leather. The waistband is usually stretchy, sometimes with a drawstring. They’re baggy through the thighs, sometimes with a slightly dropped crotch and then slim down around the knee to crop snugly above the ankle.

The most defining part of a jogger look is the shoes; it determines the kind of look you’re going for and changes the look from casual brunch to date night or the other way around. You can use the same pair of joggers for a ton of occasions by subbing in heels, booties, ballerina flats, sneakers, or even sandals. Just keep in mind–the higher the heel, the more deliberate the look 😉


My favorite pair of joggers is a gray or brown pair in a textured fabric, the details make them look like pants .

Believe it or not, jogger pants can be quite fashionable if worn right 🙂 🙂

How do you prefer to wear your Joggers ?

I’m wearing

Joggers : Lidl

Shoes : Zara

Jeans Jacket : Mango

Crop Top : H&M

Clutch : Mango

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