OOTD “Kente” Maxi skirt


Kente cloth was traditionally worn by royalty however in modern times they are worn by everyday people for special events such as weddings, naming ceremonies or funerals. Determining what kind of Kente cloth to wear depends on the event as the colors and weave patterns have meanings


No fabric is more associated with Africa than the vibrant colors of kente cloth. This fabric is instantly identifiable to African culture, and therefore is a big hit during Black History Month.

Native to the country of Ghana (West Africa) , kente cloth has a strong spiritual value. It is a royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance in Africa.


Kente is called ‘the cloth of kings’ and over time the use of kente cloth has become more widespread. Kente is known as the best woven fabric in Ghana (Africa)

Proudly Ghanaian 😉 😄

Outfit Details

African Beads : Ghana

Kente : Ghana

Clutch : Humanic

Blouse : Zara

T-Shirt : H&M

Ballerina : Humaic


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