Outfit with High Waist Mom Jeans


Hey Gorgeous 😄 !!

Lately i’m all about 80s Mom high-waist jeans, these waist jeans are the best ! I’m very into high waist pants, not only because they are very flattering but also because they look chic ! I always love a high waisted pants because it feels good to me, i feel comfortable in these jeans, light blue wash, waistband near the natural waist and 100% cotton.

It gives a bit of RETRO-URBAN-CHIC vibe to a look .

They look best with tops tucked in OR they`re the perfect gimmick for pulling off crop tops but never having to worry on skipping dinner to avoid a massive burger belly 😅

Why ? Because the waist is so high that basically you just reveal a mid-riff and the stomach is kept under wraps by the jeans 😉😉 ( tips) .

My Shoes and trouser are from the same brand MANGO, Crop Top from H&M  !!

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend

Abi 🤗🤗





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