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Massive Wardrobe Clearout

Heys guys Welcome back, this video is long over due and it’s about me clearing out my Wardrobe. Watch me getting rid of all the clothing I no longer need. So join me and lets do this .

Over the years I’ve collected Soo many cloths and shoes, etc, since I’m at the moment on Maternity leave I’ve decided to take the big step to be a minimalist and now is the perfect opportunity

My wardrobe has taken on a life of its own and i have recurring nightmares about the having clothes mass bursting from the doors and consuming me

For me it was also intersting to see how much I had evolved and learned about myself. I have sorted out many many many pieces. I have never looked back and I have never missed a single piece!

These are my personal experiences with clearing-out a closet and ways to approach it that have worked for me. The entire process of clearing-out was very time consuming, but it was all worth it in the end.

So far I have managed to keep it super organised all week

I would definitely recommend giving this a try, especially if you struggle with finding clothes to wear in the morning or are a shopaholic.

What do you think, is your wardrobe overdue a clearout 😉?

Thanks for watching 🤗 😉

5 thoughts on “Massive Wardrobe Clearout”

  1. Wow look at all the bags!! I did my clearout months ago and it was so good. It makes you feel so free. Still wanna get rid of more though cos I keep buying and receiving more things. Ha!! The video says unavailable by the way.

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  2. Great post Abi, wow thus a lot of stuff 😳and congratulations for parting with the ones that don’t spark joy. I think we us women make the fashion industry soo rich cos we always feel like we have to buy more even when we don’t need it . Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    1. The fashion industry is really making huge profits from us women, I’m happy that I got rid of them all at long last !!
      Thank you for your wonderful feedback and support 💗🤗


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