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My Favorite Skirt

You guys, I’ve been such a repeat offender with this skirt


Well, i had an amazing time picking up my son from school and i got so much compliments concerning the skirt, so i decided to take some pictures and blog about it. 
For a while now I was searching for a long pleated Skirt till i found this amazing skirt from H&M and immediately as i saw it, i fell in love. One of the biggest fashion trends is a pleated skirt and my love for it grows daily, i remember years back in Ghana, West Africa, it was one of my mums favorite skirts and now its my favorite too. Whenever she sees me wearing it, i see the smile all over her face with her wonderful words like…
Mum : ” You look gorgeous my daughter ” !!
  ME :      Oohh yes mum, I’m blessed, thanks !!

 It’s so flattering, comfortable and perfect , seriously. I have yet to see a lady that doesn’t look fabulous in this skirt, this Outfit turned out to be my favorite look. Its become my favorite skirt, I’m actually looking forward to find another skirt …

Hopefully I will find more this coming summer !!

Hope you like my Skirt
Hugs Abena
Byeeeeee 🤗
You can find @Abifantazia on instagram !!







8 thoughts on “My Favorite Skirt”

  1. The combination is beautiful Abi . Am a big fan of pleated skirts too . I find them very flattering and elegant looking and you can pair them with so many things. Great outfit, love it .

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