What I Wore to a Wedding

Happy Sunday everyone !!!

Quick post to share my outfit details from a wedding i attended of my friend last month which was held at Palace Schonburg in Vienna, the atmosphere and the environment of the palace was amazing and beautiful, the weather was fresh with a bit of sunshine so i took the advantage to take some pictures of my outfit !!

I do love a good weddings ! It reminds me of my special day and I always end up in tears…of happiness of course!! I think it’s a privilege to be a part of such a joyous declaration of love and commitment.

On a happier note, the wedding was beautiful, simple and fun which i loved. I always like weddings–they’re a fun , spend time with family and friends, get to know new people and have some short some conversations.

The wedding was wonderful, gorgeous most of all simple and lovely !!

The pictures aren’t that clear because my camera was acting crazy that day

 I am still learning so don’t go too hard on me 😉 .

Byeeeeee 🤗
You can find @Abifantazia on instagram !!








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