My lace maxi skirt 

Happy New Month , as we give thanks to God almighty for his saving grace and for his mercies 😙 😙


So so so !!! I had a Weekend getaway with my husband and I really didn’t know what to wear, I got fed up of wearing trousers, dresses and etc. , but hey a skirt is always an idea to switch off my outfits . I decided on a low profile look while still want the elegance outfit for the day , i wore this maxi lace skirt with my light green puff blouse which I admire soo much, to Keep the look minimal by wearing matching-color brown heels. Sometimes, you just want to have some extra detail in your skirt that can bring out a more character in you
I hope that by now you’ve realized that you can actually integrate lace skirts as part of your daily outfit ideas, I will go as far as saying it is easy to look awkward if you don’t style it right.
After all You have to be able to look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself whether it is working or not. Once you have that skill developed, there is a ton of fun stuff you can play with your outfit ideas.
I have my husband who helps me sorting out my outfits together and yeah I wear what he loves and sure I love what he choose on me
For the shoes, you can simply wear nude heels or black strappy heels of your choice
Thanks for passing by
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Hugs Abena 😉 😉

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