My lace maxi skirt 

Happy New Month , as we give thanks to God almighty for his saving grace and for his mercies 😙 😙 So so so !!! I had a Weekend getaway with my husband and I really didn’t know what to wear, I got fed up of wearing trousers, dresses and etc. , but hey a skirt is… Continue reading My lace maxi skirt 

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Love for pleated skirt

Hey guys, happy New month and Happy Friday !! Its all about my love for pleated Skirts, If you remember on my blog post how much i  hope to find more pleated skirts this summer, Yeeeaaaah, at long last i found another one that i love and the best thing about pleated skirts are very… Continue reading Love for pleated skirt

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Shoulder-Off-Top (African print)

  Hello there & happy Sunday ! If you haven’t noticed , houlder-Off-tops have quickly become one of my favorite top this season, an easy simple casual look can be achieved with an shoulder-Off-top if you have a casual date with friends or if you are just going to grab something from Grocery store , You… Continue reading Shoulder-Off-Top (African print)

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A letter to Myself (ABENA)

When I tried to decide what to write about this blog,  I had a different topic planned. But the words just wouldn't come. Instead I started thinking about how thankful I am for where I am today, how different everything was years ago with my Family, Daddy, Mummy, Sisters, Friends and about everything that happened… Continue reading A letter to Myself (ABENA)


What I Wore to a Wedding

Happy Sunday everyone !!! Quick post to share my outfit details from a wedding i attended of my friend last month which was held at Palace Schonburg in Vienna, the atmosphere and the environment of the palace was amazing and beautiful, the weather was fresh with a bit of sunshine so i took the advantage… Continue reading What I Wore to a Wedding

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My Favorite Skirt

You guys, I've been such a repeat offender with this skirt Well, i had an amazing time picking up my son from school and i got so much compliments concerning the skirt, so i decided to take some pictures and blog about it.  For a while now I was searching for a long pleated Skirt till… Continue reading My Favorite Skirt

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My Favorite Oversize Coat

Hello and happy Sunday !! We had a wonderful family day and literally the weather was awesome, the day was  fresh and bright so i decided to wear my favorite oversize coat that I've had for a very long time in my wardrope, its my perfect coat for the season and i love it. The cold… Continue reading My Favorite Oversize Coat

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Happy Valentine to me / Self Love

The season of love is right around the corner. Love is already in the air. Generally, we consider Valentine’s Day as lover’s day, or as most of us hope, a day only meant for those who are in love. I personally don’t agree. I mean anyone can celebrate this beautiful day in their own way, regardless of it being… Continue reading Happy Valentine to me / Self Love


My Favorite Faux Jacket and Leggings

Hey guys Happy New Year 😄 Welcome back on my blog, hope you'll had a wonderful Christmas Holidays, we thank the almighty God for another year with blessings, health, success and mercies !! Todays blog is about my favorite legging and Faux Jacket One Monday morning, I met with my girlfriend and we only planned to… Continue reading My Favorite Faux Jacket and Leggings

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Christmas Outfits Ideas

Happy Holidays my friends! Christmas Holiday parties are almost at the corner, so don't settle for any look less than spectacular. These festive outfits will have you perfectly dressed for every special occasion this winter, whether you're attending a Christmas Dinner or New Year Bash. It's going to be one sparkling season for you .… Continue reading Christmas Outfits Ideas