My Favorite Faux Jacket and Leggings

Hey guys Happy New Year 😄

Welcome back on my blog, hope you’ll had a wonderful Christmas Holidays, we thank the almighty God for another year with blessings, health, success and mercies !!

Todays blog is about my favorite legging and Faux Jacket


One Monday morning, I met with my girlfriend and we only planned to go for christmas shopping, on our way we passed by a shop called Calzedonia  and saw two gorgeous leggings in the store window which attracted us to get into the shop and have a try on (typical women 🙈 ), omg these pants were comfortable, gorgeous and perfect, we totally fell involve with the leggings whilst trying them on, its was  gorgeous and felt good wearing them, and yeah of course we grabbed them. So since then these pairs has turn to be my favorite leggings  .







Thanks for passing by

Happy New Year once again 😚😚

Hugs 🤗🤗



Leggings : optik/173713.uts?productVariantId=343521

Faux Jacket :

Boots : Anna Dello Russo

Top : Guess

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Faux Jacket and Leggings”

  1. Hello Abi , I love those leggings too . I have literally been living in them ever since you got them and I think it’s that purchase that the price per wear goes down really fast since you reach for it time and time again . Love the outfit 😍.

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