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My Favorite Oversize Coat

Hello and happy Sunday !!

We had a wonderful family day and literally the weather was awesome, the day was  fresh and bright so i decided to wear my favorite oversize coat that I’ve had for a very long time in my wardrope, its my perfect coat for the season and i love it.

The cold season is almost over, Spring is on of my favourite time of the year for fashion, everyone looks good in dresses with coats or Cardigan, if they put on a pretty summer dress, shorts and etc., I love to wear my coat with a dress to look elegant with that wow effect.

Today I’m styling this Caramel Oversized Coat with my blue dress, one of my most-worn favorite coat. I purchased this coat after targeting it for quite some time years back in the city and am so glad that I did ! I can’t express how much I have enjoyed it, Seriously, I get excited for the cold days so that I can wear it, its so warm. Not to mention, the cut is awesome and amazing, so basically its the best Oversized Coat ever for me !!

Thanks for passing by 🤗🤗🤗

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12 thoughts on “My Favorite Oversize Coat”

  1. Beautiful coat and the overall outfit is beautiful . It’s nice to see some bright colors after seeing so many dark colors during the winter months.

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